End-of-the-Year To-Do List for Federal Programs

As a Federal Programs Director, you’re busy all year – and the end of the year is especially hectic! Here’s a simple to-do list to close out your federal programs for the year, and prepare for the next year.

Preparing for the end of the fiscal year:

#1 – Conduct program evaluations for each funding source and write a summary of that evaluation.

  • Plan4Learning Users: Program evaluations can be printed by fund source in the Advanced Printing Option report. Choose the Formative Review with Notes Report.

#2 – Evaluate the services provided to non-public schools.

#3 – Evaluate the effectiveness of your parent and family engagement program.

  • Remember to include all stakeholders in the evaluation.

#4 – Submit a final amendment to current year grants, if allowable.

#5 – Calculate the amount of current year budgets which may be left unspent by June 30th.

#6 – Attend state-level training for submitting federal grants.

#7 – Collect semi-annual certifications for Title I personnel.

#8 – Review required documentation for Title I and all federal programs.

  • Maintain all documentation for federal programs for 5 years (7 years if you have carryover funds).

  • Title1Crate District Users: Stay current in reviewing documents in the Review Section. Lock the current school year (Preference > Lock School Year) after all district and campus documentation has been accepted.

Preparing for the beginning of the new fiscal year:

#1 – Use the program evaluations to identify the priority needs in the comprehensive needs assessment process.

#2 – Conduct non-public school consultation meetings.

#3 – Review and revise parent and family engagement policy and school-parent compacts.

  • Remember to include all stakeholders in the evaluation.

#4 – Send campus projected planning amounts for the coming year.

#5 – Require campuses to submit a planning budget based on identified needs for the coming year.

#6 – Review and update the policy and procedures for supplement, not supplant.

#7 – Prepare grant application and submit by the required timeline.

#8 – Develop district and campus improvement plans with appropriate stakeholders.

  • Be sure to document the use of all federal funds at the strategy/action level.

#9 – Determine distribution methods for improvement plans, parent and family engagement policies, and school-parent compacts.

Want to download this checklist?

Visit our Downloads page to access our free End-of-the-Year Checklist for Federal Programs to help you close out the year with success.

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