806 Learning Summit Pre-conference – June 5th 2024,  9:00am – 4:30pm

806 Learning Summit: Connecting The Dots – June 5th-7th, 2024

Omni Frisco Hotel at The Star

Participate in an exceptional boutique-conference meticulously curated to facilitate learning from esteemed educational leaders across the nation. This event is thoughtfully structured to equip attendees with actionable strategies specifically tailored for implementation within schools or districts. These strategies aim to bolster participants’ ability to CONNECT THE DOTS, resulting in heightened efficiencies and enhanced effectiveness within educational settings.

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Welcome to the 806 Learning Summit: Connecting The Dots

Where educational leaders converge to enhance their expertise across five distinct strands. Our summit is structured to empower attendees by focusing on key areas crucial for educational advancement. Through sessions meticulously aligned with our strands—Transformational Leadership, Instructional Leadership, Continuous Improvement, Mental Health/Wellness, and State/Federal Focused Programs Leadership —we aim to illuminate the importance of each and offer tips and tools to broaden and polish your leadership skills.

Transformational Leadership: Discover the power of transformative leadership strategies that develops current and future leaders. Learn how to inspire change, foster innovation, and cultivate a culture of growth and adaptability to help people move beyond their perceived capabilities.

Instructional Leadership:  Begin by setting a clear vision for student learning and academic outcomes. Explore methods to enhance and innovate instructional practices. Create a supportive learning environment and integrate technology to drive engagement and achievement for all. 

Continuous Improvement: Recognize the pivotal role of mental health and wellness in the educational landscape. Gain insights into fostering supportive environments, implementing wellness initiatives, and nurturing the mental well-being of students and staff alike. Examines how individuals who can lead continuous improvement are among the most valuable school employees. Learn how this critical leadership function calls educators toward a different practice. Delve into leadership skills to make advancing quality  school improvement part of what it means to be a professional educator. Build the capacity to replicate quality outcomes on a continuous basis as the ultimate gold standard for leaders.

Mental Health/Wellness: Explore how to move beyond just knowing about mental health and wellness and understand how addressing them is now indispensable functions in a healthy school environment. Gain insights into fostering a supportive culture with embedded wellness initiatives, and nurturing the mental well-being of students and staff.

State & Federal Programs Leadership: Navigate the complex landscape of state and federal programs with more clarity and confidence. Learn strategies and best practices to support your district and schools with meaningful practices to fulfill compliance.