Our Educators

Mark Hailey

Mark Hailey is the Chief Customer Officer for 806 Technologies. The best way to learn how to provide world-class customer service support for educators is by walking in their shoes, and Mark Hailey has done exactly that.  Mark’s parents are lifelong educators and administrators; he went into the family business as a high school teacher and head coach for 5 years. For the past 24 years, he has held executive positions in businesses focused on K-12 public education. Mark holds an outstanding record in the education industry that includes working with state departments, district executive teams, and campus leadership. His experience includes leading companies’ front-facing responsibilities, ensuring that world-class customer service is a priority, and providing professional development training at state, regional, district and school levels. Mark even owned his own parent involvement company. Mark loves the education business and says every day is his “best day” at 806 Technologies.