Our Educators

Becky Book

Becky Book is a Senior Trainer for 806 Technologies. Becky is a dedicated educator with over 30 years of experience of helping students and schools. She began her career as a teacher of math and business and then became an education specialist for a Regional Education Service Center. As an education specialist, Becky has worked with school districts as small as 50 students to as large as 155,000 students. She has served on several state committees for TEA publications and presented at state conferences about comprehensive needs assessments, campus and district improvement plans, parent and family engagement requirements, and compliance documentation. Becky is known by many throughout Texas as the one to talk to about federal and state programs. She can unpack and explain requirements in ways that are easy for others to understand and Becky always has time to help solve problems and answer questions. In her spare time, Becky enjoys playing with her grandkids, going to sporting events, sewing, and gardening.