"We were looking for a tool that would help us stay organized, on track, and would help with monitoring. We like Title1Crate because it allows us to build our folders and provides individual reports per school. After the first training, we felt incredibly confident in the software and our ability to use it. Title1Crate saves time and helps keep employees motivated by offering informative dashboards and upcoming due dates. With Title1Crate, there's no chasing down information; all of the documents are stored in an easy-to-find place. Due dates and requirements are clearly listed and everyone involved feels like we are on a much smoother and more concise path to collect what is needed. Whether it's training, help requests, or just a 'how are things going' email, I am always impressed by the level of support that 806 Technologies offers to clients. Thank you for providing an excellent product!"
Elizabeth Hogan
Title I, Parent & Family Engagement Coordinator, Monroe County School District