Jeff Kubiak Joins 806 Technologies as VP for Business Development: A Leader in Educational Innovation and Compassionate Advocacy

Jeff Kubiak joins the 806 Technologies team as the Vice President for Business Development and Partnerships, bringing over 25 years of educational leadership experience to our mission of creating a world of innovative schools together. 

Jeff’s distinguished career reflects a deep commitment to fostering kindness, compassion, and inclusion in schools, aligning seamlessly with our innovative solutions designed to enhance the educational landscape.

His journey, which includes roles as a teacher, Dean of Students, VP, and principal, provides Jeff with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by educational institutions. This unique perspective positions him as a key collaborator in our efforts to introduce transformative solutions across Northern/Central California.

In the realm of educational innovation, 806 Technologies proudly introduces Title1Crate, a digital solution streamlining the Title I documentation process. This product allows schools nationwide to leverage their funding more effectively—a mission that resonates with Jeff’s dedication to maximizing resources for the benefit of students. As a retired principal, Jeff’s insights add practical value to our commitment to supporting educational leaders in optimizing their financial resources.

Jeff’s passion for relieving stress and promoting success in schools finds resonance with another of our transformative offerings, Plan4Learning. This innovative tool reframes planning from a compliance-oriented task to an essential component for creating high-performing schools. With Jeff’s wealth of experience, we anticipate his insights will significantly contribute to integrating Plan4Learning into educational practices, fostering an environment of success and well-being.

As we welcome Jeff Kubiak to the 806 Technologies team, we look forward to harnessing his leadership and expertise in education. Through impactful solutions like Title1Crate and Plan4Learning, we aim to support schools in their journey toward excellence, guided by Jeff’s vision for positive and inclusive learning environments.

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